The Presentation
Dr. Recycle's T-L-C formula (Think-Laugh-Create) works 100%
ABBOTSFORD NEWS, by John Van Putten
Sandy Hill Elementary School
Dr. Recycle uses the proven T.L.C. formula with all types of kids. Think-Laugh-Create formula helps the kids to see that
Junkology is educational, fun, and creative.
Dr. Recycle adds a social aspect to his presentation by showing the audience a photograph of his hometown, Cavite City, Philippines, and ask the kids if they could imagine living in a place like it. It seems to be a very effective eye opener to a lot of kids.
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The highlights of the workshop are:

1. materials are generally free (collected from home)

2. method of connecting plastics using scissors and hole punch

3. hands-on, kids participate and take home a project

4. kids have a lot of fun!

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